Right to the gender: masculinity

April 8th at 16:00 the first seminar from cycle of events “The right to the gender: everyday practices in contemporary Russia in the lights of gender problematization” will be held at CISR. There will be presented the program of the project and also first two reports from our lecturers.

Vera Galindabaeva (Associate Researcher of the Sociological institute of the Russian Academy of Science) ”“Golovary” or “True Buryats”?: Representation of rural masculinity in Buryatia”

The report considers how representation of rural masculinity in mass media is built in the context of the hierarchy of masculinity that is formed at the intersection of such dimensions of social inequality as ethnicity and class. Drawing on foreign and domestic studies of masculinity, the author of the report suggests that structural changes in the agrarian sector in Russia have led to a decline in the prestige of rural employment, and, consequently, to the marginalization of the rural model of masculinity. Ethnicity also affects the position of masculinity in the current hierarchy. This problem is analyzed on example of the representation of rural masculinity in the mass media of the Republic of Buryatia.

Yekaterina Ivanova (Graduate of the European university at St. Petersburg) Divorced fathers and alimony: contribution, obligation or care?”

The report will present the results of a study of the practice of alimony payments, which are carried out by fathers who do not live with children after the divorce. Due to the fact that Russian legislation leaves parents free to decide how the content will be paid to children after the divorce, the variability of practices arises, and official court support is only a small part of them. Based on the approach of V. Zelizer, we will consider alimony payments as multiple money: divorced fathers invest in alimony different meanings, and depending on this they choose not only different payment strategies, but also the form of interaction with the child and the former spouse.