Expressible and non-expressible references: what we talk about when we talk.

On June 28, Wednesday, at 7.00 pm Maribel Narvaez Mora, specialist in epistemology and social and political philosophy from the University of Girona (Catalonia) will present a report entitled “Expressible and non-expressible references: what we talk about when we talk”.



«In this presentation a minimalist conception of discursive reference will be advocated. The only requirement to achieve that goal is convergence on whether what is talked about is expressible or not. Since that is not an empirical condition but a conceptual one, a minimalist project for referring can be carried out. There is an internal relationship between sharing a language and converging on whether what is talked about is or is not expressible. Any question as to why a reference is expressible points to a constitutive feature of it: ideas, concepts, stories are expressible otherwise they are not ideas, concepts or stories. Although we represent and name ideas, concepts and stories only non-expressible references can be described. At our departing point neither ontological nor epistemic commitments must be acquired, but once our minimalist conception had been completed we will check how useful that account of discursive reference could be to solve other philosophical puzzles».

Joint event of CISR and Open Philosophy Faculty.

Address:Ligovsky pr., 87, office 300 (Conference Hall)