Laboratory of Public Sociology (PS. Lab)

Laboratory of Public sociology (PS Lab) is an autonomous project of young researchers based on Center for Independent Social Research. PS Lab is the new incarnation of a research group “Politicization Researchers Collective” where scholars from different fields studied Russian protests in 2011-2012. During 1,5 years “Politicization Researchers Collective” took some 200 interviews during the demonstrations in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, organized several conferences and published several articles. From the autumn of 2013 seven active participants of this informal group created an independent research project – PS Lab and went on with the empirical researches. At the moment PS Lab participants are engaged in several research projects and are working on their dissertations. More information about the goals, objectives and results of the reserach projects, events, publications and presentations of the participants of PS Lab can be found on their own website.

Members of the groop:

Alyukov Maxim  (PhD student, European University at Saint-Petersburg)

Erpyleva Svetlana (PhD student, European University at Saint-Petersburg)

Matveev Ilya (Kandidate in Political Science, PhD student, European University at Saint-Petersburg)

Nevskij Andrei (Fellow at the Institute of Sociology in Russian Academy of Sciences)

Savelyeva Natalya (MA, European University at Saint-Petersburg, PhD student, Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences)

Valeeva Diliara (Junior researcher, Higher School of Economics)

Zhuravlev Oleg (PhD student, European University Institute Florence)